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The Boy in BrazilFloodlit Dreams, 2014

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When Seth Burkett travelled to Brazil for a youth tournament with his local team Stamford, he was stunned by what happened next. Spotted by a scout, he accepted an offer to join Sorriso Esporte Clube in the central state of Mato Grosso and became a media celebrity as well as the only English professional in the football-crazy country. THE BOY IN BRAZIL is a charming and insightful account of his magical season in the sun as an 18-year-old in Sorriso – Portuguese for smile – and takes a bittersweet look at the beautiful game and cultural concerns of the vibrant nation which would host the 2014 World Cup finals. On his journey from boy to man, he would discover an uncanny and unexpected family link to the foundation of the sport in Brazil. He would also come to see, through a tragedy in Sorriso and the sad fate of its football club, that a childhood dream joyously fulfilled also had a dark side.

Developing the Modern Footballer Through Futsal Bennion Kearney, 2015

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For Pele, futsal was “very important, no doubt”. The Brazilian FIFA Player of the Century grew up playing futsal before transitioning to the 11-a-side game. So did many others – from household-name superstars to semi-professionals to Sunday league players.

In Developing the Modern Footballer through Futsal, England futsal coach Michael Skubala, and Seth Burkett, detail the ways in which futsal can be used to develop the technical and tactical skills of players of all abilities.

Aimed at coaches of all levels and ages, Developing the Modern Footballer through Futsal is a concise and practical book that provides an easy-to-understand and comprehensive guide to the ways in which futsal can be used as a development tool for football. From defending and attacking to transitional play and goalkeeping, this book provides something for everyone and aims to get you up-and-running fast.

Football’s Coming OutFloodlit Dreams, 2016

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BEING gay in football – as fan or player – is to risk the homophobia that has run through the game for years. But things are changing. Gradually a few brave professional players have come out. And someone like NEIL BEASLEY now feels able to tell his poignant and uplifting story in Football’s Coming Out. Coventry City fan, player for Birmingham Blaze – National Gay Football Supporters Network League champions – as well as chairman of the club, Neil tells honestly of the pains of growing up gay in the sport and fighting for his right to enjoy the game he loves without prejudice.

No Final Whistle Scratching Shed, 2018

For ages 8-12

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Alfie Bennett is going to be a superstar. He is absolutely sure of it. Every second of his life is dedicated to football. And when he gets signed up by the famous Borough Academy, it looks as if he’s well and truly on the way to achieving his dream. Yet life at Borough isn’t all that it seems…

Praise for The Boy in Brazil

“An enchanting story, well told. Surely the definitive novice’s guide to football in Brazil.” PATRICK BARCLAY, London Evening Standard

“A remarkable, funny account that quickly drags the reader along for the ride.” THE DAILY RECORD

“An incredible text that is one part adventure story, one part travel channel and one part sociology and culture. We have done hundreds of reviews over the years and this one still stands out. It is a story you won’t want to put down.” ISN SOCCER

“Let’s cut to the chase and come back to dreams later – this book is worth buying. It is worth buying, reading, digesting and loaning out for someone else to read too. ” THE FOOTBALL PINK

“A fresh, spontaneous, rites-of-passage memoir.” THE INDEPENDENT

“The words on the front cover don’t even begin to tell the half of it.” SKY SPORTS

“A captivating tale… A refreshing antidote to the cocksure strut of youngsters with an overbearing sense of entitlement on the home front.” THE DAILY MIRROR

“Never a dull moment.” THE GUARDIAN

Sports book of the week, THE INDEPENDENT ON SUNDAY.

Shortlisted for Football Book of the Year at the 2015 British Sports Book of the Year.

Praise for Football’s Coming Out

“A poignant and uplifting story” THE FOOTBALL PINK


Longlisted for the 2016 William Hill Sports Book of the Year

Film rights sold in 2017

Praise for No Final Whistle

“A great story for all football fans” WILLIAN, CHELSEA FC & BRAZIL

“Passion for the beautiful game shines through this wonderful title” ISN SOCCER

“Short but not throwaway, easy to read but not patronising, No Final Whistle is a welcome and very much needed modern take on the world of football trials, academy training and rejection.” THE FOOTBALL PINK