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Meet Woody and Kleiny, the dynamic British entertainers who have spent the last five years on a mission to make the world laugh, one video at a time. In that time, they’ve grown a number of huge communities on various social media platforms. Their combined following in excess of 10 million makes them one of the biggest creators in the UK and across the world.

The Social Struggle: How we took over the Internet is their first book. ghostwritten by Seth Burkett.


With more than 10 million followers across their social media channels, @WoodyandKleiny have established themselves as two of the world’s foremost internet content creators. But how did they do it?

The Social Struggle: How We Took Over The Internet shares their story of initial failure that through determination became success. From overcoming broken homes and broken dreams, filming blurry videos for no more than 100 views, working every hour of the day for four years to make a handful of loose change, @WoodyandKleiny’s tale is sure to inspire readers around the world.

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