The Tekkers Series (Polaris Publishing)

When Zak isn’t scoring goals for his local football team, Redwood Rangers, he is endlessly working on his freestyle videos with his dad. And when one of those videos goes viral, his whole life changes. As the views come rolling in, everyone wants a piece of him. Barcelona want him to shoot an advert with Messi. Major sports brands want to endorse him. Suddenly his face is on every sports channel. But as his celebrity status grows, Zak begins to realise that online fame isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

Tekkers is an amusing and entertaining story about the power of social media with the core message that followers are great, but friends are even better.

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Tekkers 2: Turf Wars was released in 2021…

Redwood Rovers FC are in trouble. The council wants to sell the club’s pitches to a property developer. With no money to spare, Redwood’s very future is threatened.

Until Zak hears about the YouTube Allstars Cup. It’s a football tournament for teams of social media influencers. Best of all, there’s a cash prize of £500,000.

Can Zak lead his team to victory and save Redwood Rovers?

Tekkers 2: Turf Wars, shows how one simple hashtag can go much further than a single social media post, engaging an entire generation into inspiring change for good.

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